Jumat, 31 Juli 2009

i woke up at 7 o'clock this morning and the first thing i thought about is this blog. I really got to take this seriously..

Sanur Village festival is coming! its a yearly festival in Bali and its heaps heaps fun. I am thinking of making a dress..
i found an old skirt my mom used to use when she was young.. has a floral print and its so beautiful.. i took it and used it as a dress.. added a belt. TADA. its amazing.. i'll post a pic but my camera isn't working.

Okay dokay.. off that subject.. next is whats in right now.. i noticed people are wearing this tshirt that is VERY common in Bali and that is this butterfly shaped tee. its amazingg.. but i didnt know it will reach international standards. hahah. its so cute!
I'll go back tomorrow and post another blog.. im still so tired..

Good Night! xx

Sabtu, 11 Juli 2009

Seeing through Materials.

As lookbook.nu as my only awesome reliable fashion source. I gathered that Laced or See through materials are sooo IN right now. especially white tee's. Im hoping i would see more colourful additions to this trend. I love it :)

Also, from bow ties to little bow rings to Headbands with bows. BOWS are definetly in. Lavin it!

Got this picture from Lookbook.nu

hope she doesnt mind

Selasa, 07 Juli 2009

Today.. Sick in bed.

So i've been going through www.lookbook.nu and i am an active member so if you want to look at my profile please go ahead, its http://lookbook.nu/user/47909-Samantha-K.

ANYWAYS. i've been going through the website.. and i noticed that everyone is using.. ACID-WASH clothings. I love it! But living in Bali, its so hard to find them. So i decided i should try make one myself :)

so i googled it. like any other curious dumb struck teenager. we turn to google :)

i read some articles, and they said something about Pumice Stones. anyone know anything about that?? Im confuzzled!! i might just try bleaching my jeans over night. i dont know.. jeans are pretty expensive here.. GIVE ME A HEADS UP!!